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I have spent the last 20+ years researching, designing, and facilitating powerful experiential learning experiences to help individuals and organizations unlock their potential and reignite their passion and purpose, forever impacting and transforming their way of being. My purpose on the planet is to influence, inspire, ignite individuals and organizations to THRIVE. Through the techniques I have learned and practiced over the years, I empower my clients to flourish. I would love the opportunity to work with you too!

Joelle Hood


Writer / Speaker / Success Coach / Energy Alchemist

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What people are saying

Joelle Hood is a Change Agent—in ways that you and your organization must experience. Her expertise and wisdom has been infectious in my district—where professional educators, after spending time with her, led to a massive transformation in the way they taught, led, and lived that included mindfulness and positive energy in every part of their life. I cannot recommend Joelle highly enough. She can change a culture!! And do it better than any person I know.

Kris Swett, Principal, UUSD

Joelle is a dynamo. I sometimes wonder if she is secretly 4 people at once – or does she have an army of angels working for her? She is simply amazing – in the true meaning of someone who amazes.

Laura Lavigne, www.lauralavigne.com   www.happinesssprinklingproject.com

I love Dr. Joelle Hood! First and foremost, she personally practices and demonstrates the values that she shares in her trainings on social-emotional supports and the development of Emotional Intelligence. She reminds me, weekly, of the characteristics needed for me to be a better leader- namely the development of a work environment in which everyone feels safe and deeply valued, and one in which the nurturing of connection and relationships is the first priority. She reminds me, as well, that I am at my best when I bring my authentic self to work everyday… (#JustBeBob) I am incredibly thankful to be her friend and colleague- she is having a huge impact in making our schools and school district a healthier, happier, and more effective place to learn and work, for our students and staff members alike!

Dr. Robert Nelson, Superintendent, Fresno Unified School District

Dr. J’s training on social emotional learning really lit a fire in my professional practice as an educator. I took her passion for teaching empathy, kindness, and mindfulness and used it with my high school students and my middle school granddaughter. It truly changed the culture of my school and brought me so much joy. Now I have the pleasure of taking what I’ve learned from Joelle beyond my high school and my family and teaching other educators how to make the same impact on their campuses. It’s been a rewarding journey that just keeps getting better!

Jerri Jameson, Teacher On Special Assignment, KHSD

Dr. Joelle Hood has been a partner with us in the important and valuable work around Social Emotional Learning for the last few years. She is gifted in leading adult learning. Joelle always models the way as a credible leader in the field, provides appropriate articles and research to reflect upon and discuss, gets participants directly involved and engaged in the learning and offers an array of powerful ideas for implementation in classrooms and schools. Joelle is grounded in best practice and customizes professional learning in a way that meets the identified needs and desires of the district. She has made a powerfully positive impact in the lives of adults and children in the FSSD.

Catherine Stephens, Ed.D., Associate Director of Schools for Teaching & Learning, Franklin Special School District, TN

Joelle has helped me transform my life and my classroom by helping me recognize my own strengths and fostering the strengths of my students. If you’re looking for someone to help you change your mindset and be successful, she is your person. I’m so fortunate to have worked with her!

Hannah Bush, Teacher, FSSD

After attending Joelle’s SEL workshops I came away feeling that I had begun a process that had the potential to be as truly significant as I had been led to believe. Sitting still, being aware and, perhaps most crucially, learning again how to concentrate – all perceptibly such simple traits gave me the essentials to incorporate into my classroom. I now use mindfulness and breathing activities in many of my classes to help my students concentrate and stay focused throughout the day. In result, my students have learned how to focus and their behavior seems much more calm than before we had incorporated mindfulness activities in class.

Faustine Rosales, Teacher, KHSD

Joelle Hood is one of those professionals who sparkles with enthusiasm and dedication. Fueled by passion for transforming others to flourish and thrive, Joelle is recognized as someone who brings new ideas and solutions to the field. Integral to Joelle’s success is her ability to motivate and inspire those whose life she touches to accomplish great things.

Diana Walsh-Reuss, Ed.D. Riverside County Associate Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Hood is a phenomenal presenter and life coach. Her trainings and magical synergy help “spark passion” and purpose. Dr. Hood helped support our district vision on social emotional learning. Her trainings equipped our staff with the necessary tools to lead the work and support students. Dr. Hood motivates her audience and her positive energy is contagious. I am grateful and honored to have worked beside her. I have learned so much from her and I will be her biggest follower wherever she goes!

Liz Gonzalez, M.A., M.S., Educational Consultant & District Administrator, BCSD-CA

Joelle has given me the tools to better myself and my students through the techniques of living with purpose, getting curious and not furious, taking a breath, and self-care. She gave me a new enthusiasm for my profession after I had been in a rut after 13 years. She will change your life!

Dianne Tiner, Teacher, KHSD

Joelle is an amazing presenter with deep expertise in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, strength-based leadership, trauma-informed practices, community building and many other areas of social-emotional learning. She builds a connection with her audience and earns the respect of teachers due to her experience and love for kids. The training she has provided to my district has received the highest evaluations from our teachers and has been utilized and benefiting our students.

Zhanna Preston, Ed.D., Executive Director of Special Education, MVUSD

I have had the pleasure of knowing Joelle for many years. She understands that the key to transformation begins with the understanding of self, then extends to developing empathy and connection with those around us. I have witnessed her working with adults and young people alike, working as a catalyst that brings groups together embracing the power of the collective.

David Olney, Superintendent, Hesperia Unified School District

My school site principal and I share the love for mindfulness and have witnessed the positive impact it has brought to our students and staff. We created a mindfulness room this year and in the process of creating it, I reflected back on my journey through Joelle’s mindfulness course and what a valuable resource she has been and continues to be with this subject. She has been my inspiration in my practice and I hope to continue sharing the beautiful gift of mindfulness to others in the years ahead. Thank you Joelle!

Stephanie Ford, School Counselor, CNUSD

Joelle instantly connects with her audience when she presents. She is the most engaging presenter I have ever had the pleasure of hearing and her knowledge about social and emotional learning and emotional intelligence is beyond awesome! I plan on having her back to Tennessee soon.

Pat Conner, Executive Director, Office of Safe and Supportive Schools, TN Dept of Ed

Joelle is a phenomenal motivator, leader and advocate for social-emotional wellbeing. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to glean so much knowledge and many resources to use in both my professional and personal life. Thank you Joelle!

Jackie Lilly, PPS, Teacher-On-Special-Assignment, KHSD

Board of Fresno Consolidated (ACSA) in the Fresno Unified School District recognized the need to address the social-emotional needs of its leaders, teachers and students. As such, we invited Joelle to join district leaders on two occasions during the 17-18 school year. The theme of “Nourish to Flourish” has helped to create a foundation upon which leaders could reframe their leadership experiences in our large organization. Her work has led to additional presentations and workshops that have inspired, reinvigorated and motivated leaders in a new way. I look forward to learning more from Joelle as she begins a new phase in her own leadership journey!

Lynn Rocha-Salazar, Principal, Ayer Elementary, Fresno Unified School District

Joelle Hood has the gift of communication and the gift of encouragement. She has inspiration in her DNA. Her in-service trainings are very much like her personality…Full of light, humor, motivation, wisdom, and encouragement. Joelle is also very skilled with all forms of technology. She weaves in motivational clips, music and inspirational stories from her vast virtual library. Some may think that the topic of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) does not have a place in modern education. Joelle has gone to great lengths to present only evidenced-based, well-researched practices in her in-services. The current problems on school campuses are well known. Student bullying, mental health issues, and school safety have become required topics of the day. Joelle’s approach to preventing these serious issues is to get ahead of them– helping students by creating positive, emotionally healthy environments where they can thrive. She is the best I have seen at helping administrators create such environments.”

Bruce Petersen Senior Director, San Diego County Office of Education

Joelle brought it!!! The SEL workshop brought a wealth of ideas and research to a very needed topic. Without Social Emotional Learning in schools we are depriving students from learning how to be the best human they can be.

Sarah Gonzalez, M.A., P.P.S.C. School Counselor, CNUSD Student Services

Joelle’s workshop was SO inspiring! Yes, common core and standards are important but there is soooo much more we need to teach our students! We can’t control what our students go through on a daily basis outside of our school walls but while they’re in our presence, we CAN help change their lives! We can shower them with love & compassion and give them the tools, confidence and drive to be someone else’s rainbow! My new daily goal is to be a “rainbow” in at least 3 student’s lives each day…..kindness, it’s contagious! Pass it on!

Monique Biggs, Bilingual SLP, SLUSD

Joelle’s enthusiasm is very contagious ~ please stand back if you do not want happiness/joy/compassion in your life! I clung to her shirt-tail years ago after hearing/seeing her present and I continue to hold on so I personally can learn and share her amazing knowledge with my students! Dr. Hood – thank you for ALL you DO!

Diane Hartman, School Counselor, VVUSD

Too often teachers bypass the opportunity for professional development because of the time factor – especially right before school starts and there are major preparations to be done. Caught up in the rush to be ready for the first day of school, and to consider if the time vested would be worth it, I researched Joelle Hood and found her Social Emotional Learning training information intriguing… Be reassured, I was NOT disappointed. The tools I acquired are going to be extremely applicable in this generation’s education. Thank you!

Paula Johnson, CTE/ROP Teacher, Palo Verde Unified School District

I was blessed to hear Joelle’s SEL presentation today. I have worked for SBCSS for 25 years as an ED teacher. Everything that she shared today resonated deep down in my soul. I was teary eyed during the entire presentation. I could not figure out why….and then it dawned on me that the Social Emotional well-being of children is why I have been a classroom teacher for the past 30 years. Would love to attend future professional development trainings and do all that I can to champion this amazing cause of teaching others to become more compassionate members of society.

Falishia Roberts, Special Education ED Teacher, SBCSS

Joelle, thanks again for a vibrant and vital presentation today. I strongly believe in this work, and now I have research and resources to support my beliefs. I will be using this with our faculty and staff, and I’m sure it will make a positive impact.

You are a blessing! 🙂

Julie Thomas,Vice Principal, SLUSD

I initially signed up for Joelle’s course for professional development, yet in the end gained so much more! Dr. Joelle Hood’s course was a personal journey that has profoundly impacted how I think both personally and professionally. Joelle gently and creatively informs a mindful nature, encouraging one to live and work with greater purpose and joy. She provides the tools necessary to recognize and embrace one’s personal worth and informs alternatives to negative thought, encouraging patience and minimizing stress. Joelle’s thoughtful approach and creative strategies inspire compassion, confidence, joy, and most importantly, allows one to truly live in the moment. The information gleaned through Joelle’s techniques provide an incredibly rich experience that should be implemented in every school and work place. I highly recommend these courses personally and professionally!

Erin Arriola, Instructor, Bakersfield Adult School, KHSD

I thoroughly enjoyed Joelle’s presentation at the TN SCALI! Cultivating a culture of kindness & compassion–even from our youngest learners–is incredibly important! They are the ‘change makers’. I left the session feeling inspired and rejuvenated to bring the ideas and words Joelle shared to action.

Kristie Arendale, School Counselor, Maryville City Schools, TN

Joelle is a motivational practitioner who has helped many of us to live our most authentic lives!  Positivity and happiness exude from her core essence.  Every workshop, coaching session, and training concentrates on how to live “in the now” and her activities demonstrate how practicing mindfulness can only enrich our existence!

Debi Rozeski, Ph.D., Miniature Horse Therapy and CEIS Coordinator

My staff truly enjoyed the SEL training you provided. The message that you presented resonated the importance of how we all need to be mindful of taking care of ourselves. I hope to have you come back again next school year for a full day on growth mindset!

Dr. Cathy Chan, Charter President, Diablo Managers Association (DMA) and Co-Administrator, MDUSD

Dr. Joelle Hood walks in her purpose and she will likely say, “I do it on purpose.” Everything she does is purposeful, intentional, and motivational. If it’s working on a new concept, a new training, a new book, or developing a plan with new clients, Joelle always puts on her growth mindset attitude and her creative brain. She has the teaching gift and the empathy and desire to coach others down their path of success. It is no wonder her following is gigantic and her sphere of influence far-reaching!

Dr. Debbie Sacks, Educational Consultant, Humanitarian, Happiness Ambassador

I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Joelle Hood speak on Cultivating a Positive Climate of Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion through Social Emotional Learning at the Conditions for Learning Forum in Murfreesboro, TN. I really enjoyed it and am very excited to share her message with my peers. It is always nice to attend a session and come away with great ideas and plans, and this was certainly one of those sessions. Keep up the great work you do!

Lindsay Tucker, M.S., Elementary School Counselor, Robertson County Schools

Dr. J is the real deal! She is definitely very knowledgeable and passionate in her specified areas. Truly, a gifted individual who will have you feeling totally comfortable and confident during and after working with her. Never a dull moment. She has maintained peaceful and positive vibes each time I’ve been around her.

Janell Burton, District Resource Counselor-RP/SEL, KHSD

Joelle, You are a superstar! Thank you for your candor, your humility, your modeling of connection, and vast knowledge – you changed my teaching for the better!

Olivia Naturman, Teacher, ArTES High School, LAUSD

Working with Joelle is such a delight! Using SEL components in the classroom changes the tone of the entire year and empowers the students to be in charge of their own learning and behavior. With my AP students, I have had wonderful success in reducing their test anxiety through using breath work and a combination of SEL tools.

Julie Detloff, Teacher, KHSD

She doesn’t just believe in the Law of Attraction, she is the Law of Attraction! Joelle’s effervescent energy, can-do attitude, and artillery of action-based positivity creates radical results. She is a powerhouse for being both cheerleader AND coach, where work becomes play and play IS the work. For her, happiness isn’t something we sometimes feel, it’s a flag which appears when we’re living our most vibrant life. I’ve never seen anyone with such fearless vision so passionately committed to cultivating happiness every day! Joelle should come with a warning label–Caution: May Cause Incredible Joy!”

Zo Manik, Poet, Artist, and Author of May Fall Skyward Earth: 48 Rhythms and Drawings

Joelle has a keen ability to recognize a person’s strengths. Her coaching has helped me identify my own strengths and maximize them professionally. She has guided me to stay focused on and driven by things I am passionate about. Whenever life has seemed a little cluttered, she has always helped to make things more clear.

Kristie Fabro, Teacher, Oakland Unified School District

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Joelle numerous times at youth and educator’s events. She is full of energy and very knowledgeable. Joelle always presents information in a way that keeps her audiences engaged and energized. She makes learning enjoyable for everyone who has the pleasure of listening to her presentations. As a speaker myself, I know how difficult this is, and Joelle is spectacular!

Ray Lozano, CEO, Prevention Plus, LLC

I’m excited to be working with Joelle. She has a unique perspective among leaders, that there is a kinder, more inspirational, more authentically people-oriented approach to doing things better. She’s the genuine article and we need so many more like her.

Sue Fitzmaurice, Author

Joelle’s energy and determination to live “in purpose and on purpose” is evident during her presentations. She is a dynamic presenter who has inspired me to not only focus on Social and Emotional Learning strategies and Mindfulness in the classroom but to apply it to my own well-being as well. Joelle’s passion to share her life’s work and purpose is contagious. She has planted an enthusiastic seed in me to continue to implement and share all the “Good Stuff.” I am grateful that our paths have crossed, so that I can join her to make the world a better place!

Mary Bloom, Teacher, VVUSD